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Assistance and Basic Information

Fri 06 May 16 - 6:12

Important Note:

While I am a member of the Staff, I cannot directly interact with the properties or coding of the Hacked Client, the Private Server, or anything else related to the site. Rather, I can troubleshoot any issues that you are having with the Hacked Client or the Private Server. In order to contact me, send me a Private Message. Once you have contacted me by PM, please allow at least 24 hours to receive a reply before contacting me again.

Please use this format when sending me a PM, as it will allow me to solve your problem much more quickly:

Problem: [Details of problem, or just a brief description]
Operating system: [Do you run on Windows or Mac*? If Windows, what version?] (*If you are using Mac, you must play in Google Chrome.)
Platform: [Are you playing in Adobe Flash or in browser? The browser version is currently not functioning. What version of Flash are you using?]
Fixes: What have you tried to do to fix your problem?

Useful Forum Pages:
FAQ: Here

Private Server:
    Private Server Rules: Here
    List of Donator ONLY items: Here
    List of Banned Mobs for Spawning: Here
Forum Rules: Here

Hello all,

My name is Stradinius, though most just know me as Strad. I've been a member of this site since November of 2015, and you can often find me in the chat. I have been helping people correct issues with their Hacked Client and Private Server recently, and I've decided to make this topic in order to allow more people to contact me with questions, as I normally just announce that I'm available to help in the chat.

As it stands, I have a considerable amount of experience in troubleshooting, debugging, and testing multiple applications and programs. My goal in providing this assistance is essentially to remove a bit of strain from the staff's workload. By redirecting these sorts of questions at me, they can focus more on improving the forums, server, and client, as well as managing users (Banning rule-breakers, promoting staff, etc.) In my experience, the less load on the staff of any body, the better the overall product will be.

My approximate hours of operation (By EST):
    (7-10 AM)* - (10PM-2AM)**

It's summer, I'm here from when I wake up*, until I go to bed**.

Keep in mind that I am a human being. Things can come up, and this is not a STRICT schedule. For the most part, I try to keep to it, but life happens.


Edit #1: Title changed for less confusion.

Edit #2: Added instruction to wait 24 hours before sending a new request.

Edit #3: Added schedule in order to make things more official.

Edit #4(from AncientEvil) : Added in links to @Ashryver 's Banned Items/Spawns lists. this will help a lot of the new players. also fixed layout of code.

Edit #5: Cleaned up the post a bit, as well as adding a spoiler to the note, as to reduce the tl;dr factor. Removed some useless information, neatening up the overall post. Screwed around with the code a bit, to make it look better. Added some new links.

Edit #6 (From unknown): Title change. (There may be more, but I'm unsure as to what they would be.)

Edit #7: Added a PM format guide. Makes my life easier, but most probably won't follow it.

Edit #8: Fixed the schedule for summer break.

Edit #9: Became a member of the staff, so adjusted the post to be accurate to that. Removed a pointless sentence.
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Fri 06 May 16 - 6:44

I also feel like I titled this wrong, or maybe put it in the wrong place. Don't know if it'll actually get many views here...

Mon 09 May 16 - 7:51

Can I get a staff member to at least reply to my request for a /sticky? Even telling me no is plenty.

Mon 09 May 16 - 12:10

unfortunately, i cannot sticky as i'm not a high enough rank to do so. neither can any of the Gmods.


Mon 09 May 16 - 12:30

AncientEvil wrote:unfortunately, i cannot sticky as i'm not a high enough rank to do so. neither can any of the Gmods.

Ah, I didn't realize that it needed such a high rank. No worries, then. Thanks for letting me know!

Mon 09 May 16 - 17:59

If anyone has questions this guy helps a lot!
Thanks man!

Tue 10 May 16 - 9:37

Stradinius helped me alot when i was confused and how to get back onto the server(8months been off) so I would definitely reccomend him to people wh oneed help!

Mon 16 May 16 - 23:11

kk good to know, so where should i ask? here ore somewhere else?


Tue 17 May 16 - 7:18

witherrrer wrote:kk good to know, so where should i ask? here ore somewhere else?

Send me a private message. In order to do that, click on my username to view my profile, then click "Send Private Message."

Tue 17 May 16 - 10:22

This got more attention then mine did >.>

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