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Feel free to browse the site, you should have no problems finding links to play our ROTMG hack client and our own 24/7 private server.

ROTMGTool.com - Free ROTMG Hack Tool and FREE ROTMG Private Server

Welcome to ROTMGTool - We offer a free hacked client and a private server for ROTMG. We are proud of the fact that we are 100% safe and have many returning customers - this is backed up by the fact that all our hacks are hosted online - No risky downloads needed!
If you can't find what you're looking for, please check the links to the right, if you're still stuck it might be a good idea to join our OFFICIAL Forums - To see if the community might hold the answer

ROTMG Hack Tool

FREE ROTMG Private Server at ROTMGTool.com

ROTMG Free Online Hack Tool Features:

Fullscreen - Play the game in full sceen!
Auto-Aim - activate with 'i' key
Auto-Nexus - at 30% - Never Die!
Anti-Debuffs - No Stun, Blind, etc.
No Loading Screen - Skips loading screen
HP, MP & Fame - Always shows
Enemy HP - Keep track of your foes health

Our ROTMG Hack Client is playable HERE - This client is for the ROTMG Production servers and has the hacks listed above built in!
There is no download involved, as the tools are hosted on our website - You can also stay logged in from the official ROTMG website to save you having to input your password into our client.
We update the client everytime Kabam does, you can keep track of our updates on the OFFICIAL Forums


"ROTMGTool is just amazing, it is one of the best websites I have ever come across. I am able to play Realm of the Mad God Hacks online while I am in school! The private server is awesome too, it has some really cool custom items and maps. Thanks for making this cool website"

Name Hidden - ROTMG Veteran

ROTMG Private Server

Free ROTMG Private Server - Returns soon!

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You can use the link on the right to check the online status of the ROTMG private server.

Our private server is hosted on a 6gb VPS and is free to play. We have custom items, custom maps and custom sprites. Some commands are only available to our donators, information on which can be found by clicking here!

If you need help, or to see the server commands - please join our OFFICIAL Forums

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