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Whoever wins will have the glory of receiving the MotQ trophy. Runs quarterly (every 3 months)
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Member of the Quarter [October-December] 2016 - ROTMG Tool

Wed 28 Sep 16 - 12:27

Once again, we apologise for the lack of MotQ July-September this year :(

Welcome, it is that time again ^_^

If you have have ever won MotQ, you won't be added in the poll - as it wouldn't be fair.

Maximum 10 nominees will be up for voting each month.

This quarter's nominees are people who have been contributing or helping out a lot during October 2016 - December 2016


Nominations will last throughout October and 2 weeks into November
The voting process will begin afterwards and end at the end of November

People you cannot nominate for this quarter! (*Previous winners*)

AncientEvil (MotQ October - December 2015)
Voidreaper (MotQ January - March 2016)
Ahlwong (MotQ January - March 2016)
Stradinius (MotQ April - June 2016)
Ashryver (MotQ July - September 2016)

If anyone suggests these people, your post will be considered as spam and could be deleted.

Good Luck!

Can normal members nominate people?

Yes they can! All users can nominate one person every month as long as the person they are nominating hasn't already won the award.

Why only the top ten people for the nominations?

10 nominees because the polling system only allows us to select 10 different options

Can nominees from last month be in it?

Yes! Anybody except winners can be in!

How many nominations can i make?

As a normal player or Donator (or ex-staff); you will only be given One nomination. Helpers and Moderators (includes GMOD); get two votes, whilst Supreme moderators and above are allowed Three nominations.

If you have any other questions about the MotQ, PM AncientEvil with any enquiry.
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Reason: Voting Begins

Mon 10 Oct 16 - 15:47

I nominate @Braviosi for his continued support of the server and light attitude that he continues to hold

Mon 10 Oct 16 - 15:55

i nominate @vinylplays because he is a kind man, and a helping man

Mon 10 Oct 16 - 16:15

I nominate that Blubbnub, his fat rolls are always comforting at the end of a long day...

@Blubber <3
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Reason: Ash was MotQ already - sorry didn't notice...

Wed 12 Oct 16 - 18:45

I nominate @Braviosi for his support of the server and kindness/eagerness to help people and cause he's a potato on Skype

Thu 13 Oct 16 - 0:20

dude, don't renominate

Thu 13 Oct 16 - 15:15

@witherrrer people can nominate whoever they want. Speaking of which,
As Ashryver has already won MotQ, am nominating @Orono for MotQ this Quarter
Last edited by AncientEvil on Fri 14 Oct 16 - 7:15, edited 1 time in total.
Reason: i awarded Ashryver with MotQ

Thu 13 Oct 16 - 21:50

err what happened to your rank?


Fri 14 Oct 16 - 15:42

AncientEvil wrote:@witherrrer people can nominate whoever they want. Speaking of which,
As Ashryver has already won MotQ, am nominating @Orono for MotQ this Quarter

I nominate @AncientEvil for putting up with my nonsense. Nonetheless you can show a lot of leadership which is a trait that everyone should follow. And for someone like me being here since the beginning I can say that you could've taken my place as Mod for being great. ;)

Fri 14 Oct 16 - 19:31

i dont think i should be nominated highkey because i have a bad attitude when it comes to telling people that the client is down. but that's just me, at least i still help people XD
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