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For any off topic chat, that can't go in another category. Feel free to talk about anything that you like!


Postby RamboHeroZ » Mon 21 Nov 16 - 2:51

pls remove this rank Noob for new users its confusing me
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Postby Nekrie » Mon 21 Nov 16 - 7:28

Why is it confusing you

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Postby witherrrer » Mon 21 Nov 16 - 16:55

Maybe, they feel bad man. I also felt bad that i was noob, it was one of the resons why i tried to get a higher rank

Oh yeah... Its because of my avatar and rank....
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Postby TroyBelz » Mon 21 Nov 16 - 20:47

Haha NOOB 3 posts jk
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Postby ItzVinyl » Tue 22 Nov 16 - 5:13

That post was unneeded.

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