Hack ROTMG and Private Server
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Here you can discuss other Realm of the Mad God private servers. Feel free to advertise your own ROTMG private server
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Sun 01 Jan 17 - 22:44

@afsdghh I'd be happy to do anything you need. Currently I'm the meme lord, but I'm capable of more. :3

Sat 07 Jan 17 - 3:56

Trust me, YOU NEED A @Braviosi.
Also I can record and moderate

Sun 15 Jan 17 - 1:22

No! Only i get a @Braviosi. Hes mine! STAY AWAY! MY BRAVI!!! <3 Love you boo

Sun 15 Jan 17 - 7:44

It's ok Vinyl, I will always be there for you. <3 I can be shared (that sounds weird) but I'll always put you at the top of my priority list.

Sun 15 Jan 17 - 16:37

MMMMM I like sharing bravi ;) Love you too boo! <3

Mon 16 Jan 17 - 23:19

@Braviosi -_-
Me AND Vinyl are at the top of your priority list -_-

Tue 17 Jan 17 - 5:52

Lmao boi you thought. Vinyl's much higher than you on my list of priorities. xD

Wed 08 Feb 17 - 10:31

Add my discord Masked man#5851
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