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Here you can discuss other Realm of the Mad God private servers. Feel free to advertise your own ROTMG private server
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Ballz realms

Thu 15 Dec 16 - 22:54

Me and my friend are making pserver called ballzrealms around christmas, Those Who contribute will get a link other will have to wait. I am making many Cult of admin/cult of blood dungeons/items so nothing too overpowered. those who contribute will get to join the cult of blood, the first donators will get to join the cult of admin. Please note we are trying to mash all the great server I have seen and take core elements and put it in are pserver so it may take a while, but I will post yt vids with progress reports.

Trying to use ideas from: Blexidon, Rotmg tool, nillys realm, LOE's realm, and crealms. Please keep your patience Discord is being an uncooperative ass ATM.

reviewing all ideas -Afsdghh

Fri 16 Dec 16 - 6:24

I'll be here to help if you need it. Tell me when you get the Discord to work. I'll join and talk to you then.

If you want, add me on Skype at:
Handle: ashryver_
User: Ashrie (Nekrie)

Or Discord at:

Fri 16 Dec 16 - 11:03

i can help you setup your discord easily and quickly. it's not difficult, considering I've setup and managed four discord servers in the last two months xD

Mon 19 Dec 16 - 20:05

And im here in the corner waiting to be added to my previous server.(ancient way da ek wood u kick me)

Fri 23 Dec 16 - 8:12

Send me discord info if you need a financier

Sun 25 Dec 16 - 23:06

We could get some Team Members to record your pserver and get the word out on our personal accounts. Shoot me a pm or email me.


Tue 27 Dec 16 - 15:46

Hello i would like to test the server when it gets out :3

I also wanna do some sprites for the server! :D

My skype name is :Senpai you are a Ghost!

Wed 28 Dec 16 - 0:08

Just saying in my very own opinion. The name needs to change as if you want to run something succesffuly you have to be mature. And in my eyes the name just isn't mature.

Sun 01 Jan 17 - 15:36

Sorry for no reply Discord link: https://discord.gg/f6HTzVG

person who was supposed to set it up bailed I am now the owner. you all will get dev/admin depending on how much you contribute

Sun 01 Jan 17 - 15:37

Name has been changed due to me owning the server now to bobs realm for all you peeps out there that didnt like ballz I was with you :D
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