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Private Server Dungeon/Item Tester - ROTMG Tool

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Private Server Dungeon/Item Tester

Postby aaab729 » Sat 27 Aug, 2016 9:10 am

I'm open to having creators/founders/Mods of pservers that need items/dungeons tested coming to me and having me test them out, all i need is to have some privileges on the server, as in /max, /give, /spawn etc. Message me on Skype @ tripab1
Detailed reports will be given after each session of testing, Testing involves different stats on char, different debuffs & buffs, and other conditions, all major enemies and all dungeons will be tested, any request for minor enemies will be tested upon request.
Hit me up if you are interested in my service
Skype: tripab1
Discord: HerroDude
In Prod: HerroDudee
In Rotmg Tool Pserver: HeroDude
Nillys Realm: HerroDudee
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