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Here you can discuss other Realm of the Mad God private servers. Feel free to advertise your own ROTMG private server
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Private Server

Fri 07 Oct 16 - 0:36

Okay.. Alright, So I am here basically asking for help upon opening a new private server. I am no coder so i need someone to do the coding for me, I will need someone to basically have the server files on their computer. As they need to do all the coding. I will tell you what i nee and you should put it on (If possible) Also fast internet for a hamachi network to host everytime we need to test something. I do not want to purchase a host if its not going to be up 24/7 and constantly going down. So i am asking for help. I will need a list of staff, ranging from devs, helpers, mods spriters etc. If you are legitimately interested comment and i will PM you my skype. Also with your role you would like to be. So far this is all i need

1x Dev
1x spriter
1x General Admin
1x Mod

Thats it for now. I dont really care about any spelling errors and punctuation tbh.. Just yeah anyone that can help i would love it!

Re: Private Server

Fri 07 Oct 16 - 3:35

i shall be you spriter
here is my recent work
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Fri 07 Oct 16 - 6:00

Vinyl you know I can do everything but Dev :/

Fri 07 Oct 16 - 7:48

I'll be mod if you want.

Sat 08 Oct 16 - 9:11

i can be a general administrator for you as i currently do not have the capability to develop anything or code until i can get the software i need installed. (*probably just gonna get Notepad++)
even so, I'll help with some dev work, but not everything :P

Sat 08 Oct 16 - 9:12

if i can have access to a system (e.g.) VPS i can also do some Database management too.

Sun 09 Oct 16 - 17:16

Im still gonna be the spriter.

Sun 09 Oct 16 - 17:35

@witherrer that isn't for you to decide

Sun 09 Oct 16 - 18:48

@Witherrrer @Ashryver

When it comes to spriting;
Ashryver > Witherrrer
(this is my opinion)

Sun 09 Oct 16 - 19:19

Fine, i ould like to say, that is one hell of a way to say "no you can't do jack shit"
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