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Here you can discuss other Realm of the Mad God private servers. Feel free to advertise your own ROTMG private server
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Rotmg Wooder's Domain v8

Sat 23 Dec 17 - 21:45

This is the 4th release of my server just some cool stuff all around. 2 Xp farms, God farm Event farm, and Arena. Now using Seraphs...
Implemented my custom items from a while back, and now is "easier" to get better equips and max. Pets are 100/100 that cost 70K fame, fixed them so that you can't spam. Basically same Nexus, and maybe some other stuff i'm forgetting. If the client says "Loading..." for a few second it will load, just give it a moment.



BTW: If you don't like the server than you don't have to play it, I made a server that I thought everyone would like.

Thu 28 Dec 17 - 16:44

when I press play it just shows black and it says connected

Wed 03 Jan 18 - 13:12

when i use try to play it goes to the loading screen and says nexus but always takes me back to the place where i choose my character

Mon 22 Jan 18 - 16:16

Is this working?

Thu 01 Feb 18 - 1:44

do you have discord server?

Sun 18 Mar 18 - 0:02

is this server dead?


Fri 20 Apr 18 - 7:45

MultiGamerHD wrote:is this server dead?

Yeah i don't know, probably..
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