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How to make a ROTMG private server on mac - ROTMG Tool

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How to make a ROTMG private server on mac

Postby AtomCraft » Sat 30 Jul 16 - 14:27

Today I'll be showing you how to make a ROTMG Private server ON A MAC!
I'm not 100% sure what versions this supports, but I'm sure that OS X Yosemite and EI capitan are supported and they're the 2 newest so you should have them.
MySQL Server:
Mono Framework:
Xamarin Studio:
Sequel Pro:
Club559's Private server:
Adobe Flash Projector:

Step 1: Install MySQL server:
You Need MySQL server installed on your mac if you don't know where to download. I Will leave a helpful little link on the top of the page for everything you need.

Step 2: Change Root Password:
Once you have installed MySQL you will get screen like this

Copy the bit after [email protected]: (IMPORTANT NOTE: this is your root password and we need this to change the root password and I also suggest that you save this in text document if you're going to copy and paste the terminal commands) now open up terminal and type cd /usr/local/mysql, now type sudo bin/mysql_secure_installation enter your user password not mysql's root password, then it will ask for mysql's root password it should just say password: and a little key icon just like before but it's asking for the mysql root password, so just right click and click paste and then click enter, it will say that password is has expired please enter a new password so enter "botmaker" without quotes then repeat.

Step 3: Download and install Mono framework & Xamarin Studio
Step 4: Download and extract Club955's private server
Step 5: Time for the exciting part... Editing the code :D:
this step is really big so I'm gonna break it up into mini steps (1A, 2A, 3A, etc)
Step 1A: Open server.sln with Xamarin studio
Step 2A: In Xamarin studio open WServer and then open Vector2.cs (Don't get wServer mixed up with server the w in wServer was in intentional)
Step 3A: click anywhere in the text and then hit Command + F in the text box type Math.Sqrt then click the down arrow and type System.Math.Sqrt, now click the all button with a little microscope picture ahead of it.
Step 4A: scroll up to the Vector2.cs tab and click the x button (If anyone comments I can't find the x button it will appear when you hover your mouse over the tab) to close it and a window will pop up asking you if you want to save click yes.
Step 5A: Open the terrain folder in Xamarin studio and then open Vector2.cs and repeat step 3A and Step 4A
Step 6A: go into the .nuget folder in Xamarin Studio right click on the NuGet.targets folder click reveal in finder and delete every file in .nuget file but DON'T delete the .nuget folder.
Step 7A: In Finder open up the ROTMGServer-master folder and navigate to the wServer folder and find wServer.csproj and drag it into Xamarin Studio.
Step 8A: it should start to load wServer.csproj when loaded click on the text and hit command + F there should be Math.Sqrt from Step 3A change the Math.Sqrt into import and delete the one with the reference to nuget (Should be the last one).
Step 9A: In finder go back to ROTMGServer-Master and open the terrain folder and find terrain.csproj and drag it into Xamarin studio and repeat Step 8A.
Step 10A: Now hover your mouse over the terrain.csproj tab and click the x button it will ask you to save and just click save.
Step 11A: Right click on the top server file (not the one in bold) and click build server this will take some time (Note: if it comes up with 151 warnings, this is normal if you need any help just reply to this thread and I'll get back to you).
Step 12A: go into the db file then go into database.cs and find the line that says "con new = MySQLconnection and in the brackets find the password: line and after the password: line type "botmaker" without quotes and close it and click save.
Step 13A: Go into the server folder (the one in bold) then go into char then open list.cs scroll down until you find new ServerItem() and under that line you should find something that says Trav Hamachi in quotes change that into My Server and keep the quotes. now find the part that says DNS = change whats in quotes to then close the tab and click save.
Step 14A: now right click on the server file (on top of the one in bold) and click rebuild server.
Step 15A: Close Xamarin studio.

Step 6: give yourself a pat on the back because we've just finished editing the code. and it's time for breather have a break for while.
Step 7: Start the MySQL server via the MySQL preference pane in settings.
Step 8: download and install Sequel Pro.
Step 9: Open Sequel Pro
Step 10: in the name enter in the host ener in the user enter root and in the password enter botmaker and click connect in the top left corner click the drop down menu and click add database enter rotmg100 or something like that and click add
Step 11: go into file import and navigate to the ROTMGServer-master folder go into db and select struct.sql and click open.
Step 12: Download and install Flash Projector
Step 13: Open 2 terminal windows
Step 14: in one of them type mono /path/to/ROTMGServer-master/bin/debug/Server/server.exe and in the other type sudo mono /path/to/ROTMGServer-master/bin/debug/wServer/wServer.exe and enter your password (THIS IS SAFE!).
Step 15: Open client.swf you will get a load error or infinite loading screen so right click on the adobe flash projector and click Global settings it will open system preferences on adobe flash player settings (Adobe flash projector requires adobe flash so install adobe flash if you haven't installed adobe flash) click on advanced if it did not put you on advanced already, at the bottom it should say trusted location settings click that
click the plus button and navigate to the ROTMGServer-master folder and find client.swf and click close open client.swf back up again then it should work so create an account and click play
Step 16: Have Fun :D
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