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Project B; unable to add more stuff?

Sat 07 Jan, 2017 7:10 pm


I've done some editting upon my project-b source so a few friends could have fun, but i've run into a problem.

First Problem: i've had items I wanted to add stats to, so far i've changed the stats, and changed how they look in-game, but the stats change, the items changed to look how I want, but the item names and new stats have not updated ingame?

I've re-built the dat20.xml, moved it into the folder with other dat files, i've rebuilt the items.xml file, and it still doesn't change the name/stats of the items.

Last Problem: Whenever i've been trying to add more behaviors to the tomb bosses / or add janus or anything to my server, I get errors saying the code isn't in my source.

Which is true, my server says like, new ItemLoot("wine cellar incantation"),; but the other codes say, Tuple.Create(0.01, (ILoot)new ItemLoot("Wine Cellar Incantation")),

So when I compile it I get errors, and the behaviors always give me compiled errors with things as well, do I have to manually go through and edit every word tuple out, and change the word behavior to behav, or is there a simpler explanation for all of this?

Thanks for the help. Xo

Update: I can type in /give ring of unbound speed; and it will spawn me the ring of unbound speed, but when I do it still has this name.
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Tue 10 Jan, 2017 5:23 pm

Ring is to do with display name on the item. Get that updated and it will update with your next build.

Sun 15 Jan, 2017 10:42 am

Why cant i play project b?? Im stuck at the loading screen?
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