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Play Pokémon Go on your PC [Spoof Any Location] - ROTMG Tool

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Play Pokémon Go on your PC [Spoof Any Location]

Postby Hai » Tue 09 Aug 16 - 6:31

Want to play Pokémon Go on your computer?

This app will allow you to do just that, oh.. and did we mention you can spoof your GPS to any location?


No doubt, most of you are going crazy about the new Pokemon Go App, playing it on your Android and iOS devices. But did you know you could play it on your PC? It’s simple to do, using an Android emulator!

There are various emulators that will allow you to play games and run applications on your PC. One of the latest, and the emulator we recommend using is Nox App Player.


Nox is relatively new, but thanks to its stability and ease-of-use it is taking off fast! There is a Nox 'Pokémon bundle' available, which has the Pokémon Go app pre-installed and ready to play!

Simply download Nox using the link at the bottom of this post, install it and run! It really is that simple!

To spoof your location, simply open the 'GPS' tab (using the GPS icon the right). This will then open a 'pop-out' of Google maps. Just type a location (such as a town or city) into the search bar to jump there. You then need to click the 'OK' button at the bottom of the pop-out map. This will begin spoofing your GPS as if you were at that location.

Your location can be changed at anytime, simply by clicking your desired location on the map, or by starting a fresh search.


We find the Nox app particularly useful for taking ownership of those Poké Gyms!
(We use the trainer bots to power-level us!)

Download the FREE Nox Pokémon Bundle using the link below
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Postby RickRackity » Thu 11 Aug 16 - 14:41

It says that Nox isn't compatible with Pokemon GO?
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