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Glowing Gold set(Blademaster) - ROTMG Tool

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Glowing Gold set(Blademaster)

Postby Lengand » Wed 30 Nov 16 - 19:01

Name: Blades of Glowing Pain
Desc: These golden blades were forged inside of the abyss and with the help of Shaitan they have been infused with a fire like no other. The fire is what gives the blades the glowing affect.
Dmg: 140-180
Range: 5
Projectile Speed: 18
Fame Bonus: 5%
Drop rate: 1%



Name: Glowing Jacket
Desc: A jacket woven from golden fibers of the nefarious Abyss Idol
Party Effect:
within 4 tiles armored for 4 sec
Effect on self:
damaging for 4 sec
Healing for 4 sec
Mp cost: 100
Fame Bonus: 6%
Drop Rate: 1%

Name: Glowing Gold Armor
Desc: A glowing armor made from the body of the Abyss Idol
+10 def
+10 att
Fame Bonus: 5%
Drop Rate: 1%

Name: Glowing Ring of Gold
Desc: A ring of gold forged by Shaitan from the arm of the Abyss Idol. When worn, the ring causes rage due to the burning pain it causes.
+5 spd
+5 att
+5 dex
+5 def
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Postby trickcmate » Wed 30 Nov 16 - 19:03

I like all the sprites besides the ring and the armor.
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Postby TroyBelz » Wed 30 Nov 16 - 19:14

Tbh, I don't really like this set....Sorry @Lengand but, i like that u are making a blademaster set

I don't really like the gold color, or the sprites. I only like the jacket and the Blade
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Postby Blubber » Wed 30 Nov 16 - 19:52

Tbh I LOVE THIS SET :D. The armor does need some work tho.
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Postby Nekrie » Wed 30 Nov 16 - 20:26

[Will comment later]

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