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Follow Up

Fri 23 Feb 18 - 13:35

I'm gonna go ahead and do a follow up on what a said in my last post about the server dying. I've honestly seen no improvement. Going into the private server is essentially a wasteland. (Devoid of life). I get keeping up with the server can be difficult but you'd think there would be some improvement if not something new by now. I was told 7 months ago that there was work being done and improvement to come. Kind of upsetting to know you're a part of a community that basically gave up.

Sun 15 Apr 18 - 11:42

I think people dont want play in private server because it's lagging, kicking out, client close automatically.
even when u play in arena and collect items, then comes lag and kicks you out and you've lost everything, items & fames.
It's hard play in realm cause it's lagging, you dont see monsters, map is stucked, ofc your pet is running away to nowhere.
In my opinon that, only donator server is full of bullshit, you buy that rank to play only no lag. OK i understand, with that rank you have commands and a lot. But every player can't buy ranks or what? They want play normally with no lag.
It's good PS but, soo many problems... I hope that @Hai is gonna make it for that people dont leave that community and dont quit gaming in PS..
thanks for attention, i hope my english is not very bad :)
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