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Mexico's lower house becomes 'Chamber of Rats' on Google Map - ROTMG Tool

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Mexico's lower house becomes 'Chamber of Rats' on Google Map

Postby News » Tue 10 Jan, 2017 10:00 pm

Mexico's lower house becomes 'Chamber of Rats' on Google Maps

Pranksters changed the name of Mexico's lower house of Congress to the "Chamber of Rats" on Google Maps on Tuesday in the latest dig at the political class during a testing start to the year for the country's government. The lower house, also known as the Chamber of Deputies, became the "Chamber of Rats", using the Spanish word "rata," which is also slang for thief in Mexico. "Our teams are working fast to resolve this incident," Google Mexico said in a statement, explaining that place names on the online mapping service came from third parties, public sources and contributions from users.

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