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[27.7.X7][F1] RotMG Hack Client 27.7.X7 [FREE Download]

Postby Hai » Fri 28 Oct, 2016 8:49 am

Hacked Client for Realm of the Mad God
Version 27.7.X7 F1 Version

Updated on 28 October 2016

Changes to this version:
Updated to version 27.7.X7


Halloween Themed Content

The nexus is spookier than ever. Red Healing Fountains!

Oryx 2 has reached his final form (at least temporarily)

The Halloween Cemetery including new enemies

A new Halloween event Dungeon was created. Defeat the Pumpkin Master and his minions.
Horseman will drop sometime a portal to the Halloween special dungeon.

The Zombie Invasion

Zombie Hordes are back! But now they come with an old friend, so watch out. He will also drop candy!
Beware of Bonegrind this time around

Pumpkin Shrines

They will be spawning around the world
Be careful, reportedly the Headless Horseman is never far

2 new character skins

The Headless Rider (Paladin Skin)
The Vampire Lord (Necromancer Skin)

3 new pet skins

Pumpkin Head (Belongs to the Headless Rider)
Giant Vampire Bat
Sir Bagston

Collectible Halloween Candy Tokens

Special Candy Token items will drop in various Halloween themed locations / events. (Best chances are supposedly in the Halloween Cemetary)
Collect 50 Candy Tokens to achieve the new Headless Rider Skin
Note that any leftover tokens will be removed after the Halloween event is be over

Reskinned Halloween Items

The 6 T11 Halloween weapons now drop instead of the 6 T11 Winter weapons
Bow of Nightmares, Skull-splitter Sword, Staff of Horrific Knowledge, Dagger of the Terrible Talon, Wand of Ancient Terror, Corrupted Cleaver

A special trick item (in case somebody did not give you a nice treat)

A rare consumable and just the right thing for your trick or treat experience. You will have to find one to figure out what it exactly does though.

Mystery Box Shop

Purchase limit functionality added (this will not be applied to all boxes)



Various fixes for issues with the Steam overlay for purchases
Issues with various foreign currencies

Stacked shots

Stacked shots were fixed in various locations. Some encounters were rebalanced as a result but death shouldn’t come as such a surprise anymore :)
Djinn, Lucky Djinn, Grand Sphinx
Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King, Mini Larva, Armor Guard, Zombie Hulk, Mini Werewolf
All Artifacts in Tomb of the Ancients and Bes
All Spiders in Spider Den and The Crawling Depths
Several enemies in the Shatters: The Forgotten King, Royal Guardian J, The Forgotten Sentinel, Stone Paladin, Stone Mage, Fire Mage, Fire Adept, Glacier Archmage and everyone's favorite, the Ice Adept!
Fixed/reduced stacked patterns occurring from stuns
All Killer Pillars at the Avatar of the Forgotten King are now Stun Immune
Ice Sphere, Archmage's Ice Sphere, Ice Portal, Fire Portal, Inferno, White Dragon Orb

Fixed Horseman Anchors preventing players from pausing in the Godlands

Fixed several typos and language errors

Fixed The Cursed Crown animation

Fixed trade request panel breaking the locklist


Balance adjustments for Stone Mage, Fire Mage and to a smaller extent the Grand Sphinx, due to stacked shot fixes (see below)
The Cursed Amulet of Zombification is now known as the Amulet of Dispersion and no longer zombifies, revives or disappears upon leaving the area
Interact hotkey can now be used to reject trade requests and to open the guild board
Increased Court of Oryx portal duration (this was already part of a hotfix recently), reduced HP of Janus' Chest
Significantly reduced damage threshold for untiered drops from Skuld
Slight change to Abyss of Demons DEF drops (small increase overall)
Adjusted projectile aesthetics for the Forgotten Sentinel
Craig will now randomly spawn Puppet Master Encore or Lair of Shaitan portals.


This event will last for about 2-3 weeks. After the time is up, everything will be reverted to it’s old state but of course you get to keep your items. The only exception are the Halloween Candy Tokens. They will disappear when the next patch is applied. So be sure to double click them when you have 50 to create the Headless Rider Skin.

Our continued thanks goes to our community for providing great assets via our draw tool that we sometimes just have to touch up slightly to get them into the game! A special thanks this time around goes out to Clickbait for creating the cool Vampire Lord.

Hacks are shown on the F1 hack menu


Click the link below for the Frequently Asked Questions..

[ Frequently Asked Questions & Help ]

Getting 'EN' Language Error? Please see the FAQ's (link above)

Included Features

- Auto Nexus (Select the amount of HP that is to be reached for the Auto Nexus)
- Force Low Quality
- Fullscreen v2 (Turn off hardware acceleration to use this)
- HP Bars (Turn off hardware acceleration to use this)
- Fame and Inventory viewer
- Disabled Blind, Confused, Hallucinating, Drunk, Unstable, Darkness
- Disabled Allied Projectiles
- jNoob Auto-Aim
(Ignore the auto aim graphical glitch. Only you can see it.) Press "I" or your auto fire key to auto aim.
- Safewalk Prevents you from walking on damaging floor. Hold down left click to walk through damaging floor.
- Disable Necromancer Particles (Necro lag)
- Connect to Production Server
- No delay Quest Notification
- Spammable Notifications:
removes rate limit of the numbers and words that pop up above players and enemies)
- No Loading Screens
- Sprite World no slow, no tile movement, and speed hack.
- Reconnect v3:
Reconnect to the last entered realm with L, last entered dungeon with P and your vault with K
- Hotkey Equipment swap (Lets you quickly switch weapons and abilities using the 1-8 keys. Can be changed in the ingame options under hotkeys)
- FPS Cap to 60: Increases the default client 30 fps cap to 60. Can be changed by editing 60Cap.txt. Useful for multiboxing.
- Proxy/Local Host Sever: Adds a new server to the sever list that connects to localhost. Useful if you play with proxies like realmrelay)
- No SS Debuffs: Disables server-sided debuffs such as quiet, paralyze, armor broken, slow
- No-Idle Time: Stops the client from disconnecting you after 20 minutes of inactivity.
- Projectile Passes Cover: Lets your shots pass through some static objects like trees and rocks.
- Remove Trade Accept Delay: Removes the 3 second delay for trade accept. Pay attention when using this as it increases the risk of getting trade scammed.
- Hide players in nexus based on star filter: Useful for hiding uswest bots.
- Friendlist / highlighted locked players: Makes it easier to see people you have locked on the minimap.
- Fix Teleport Cooldown: Lets you click the teleport button again if it fails due to tping to a nexusing player or player entering a dungeon. This does not allow you to tp faster.
- Disable Google Analytics: Stop google tracking in the client.
- Trim Jitter to 2 decimals : Shorten the net jitter displayed to 2 decimals
- No-clip : walk throught walls when firing with mouse
- Realm-Eye me : display a shortcut to the realmeye page of the player in the menu.
- Event Notifier: Display informations about quest in the current realm, now with voice !
- Reduce memory usage : Client automatically attempt to reduce rotmg used memory when its over 1gb
- Ads have been removed
- Screenshot tool
- No package popup
- Assist Spell Bomb (For Wizards only)
- Volume Manager
- Auto Equip
- Client update notifier
- Fixed Cursed Status notifier
- Teleport to players closest to the current quest
- Auto Loot
- Bag Viewer
- Damage Info
- Quest HUD
- Item Finder

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Hacks are shown on the F1 hack menu

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*To play the .swf version, Flash Player standalone is required
More information and a Free download can be found here

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Postby skylorz » Fri 28 Oct, 2016 9:43 am

where can i get a normal swf version of the game?
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Postby Kikopower » Fri 28 Oct, 2016 6:23 pm

Let the hacking commence again >D<
PM me at anytime if you need assistance! Don't try to troll me though... >D<
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Postby pyrohaha » Sat 29 Oct, 2016 8:56 am

I don't know if this is just me but I downloaded the .swf added it to my flash player and all I get is just loading.... From the chat I can see that others are having the same problem as me. Is there any way to fix this or is this a problem with the file?
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Postby Merch » Sun 30 Oct, 2016 2:55 am

whenever I try to download it, the swf file's location apparently gets 'moved' so I could only use this client for 5-10 mins before it shuts down >:(
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Postby PotaterTots » Sun 30 Oct, 2016 5:18 pm

I tried both options and neither worked, .exe worked but once i pressed play it would fail to connect to server. Pls help
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Postby kenjix » Mon 31 Oct, 2016 12:11 am


Thanks for the client :)

But, for me, just the GUI option works,( quest, HP, dammage... )

But auto-aim / auto-fire / Shoot thought wall / walk tought wall / respawn under X pourcent of HP .... doesn't work...

Another question :
- What can i do with the toggle MODS ? beacau i see items but i can"t do nothing within ^^

if somebody can help me :)
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Postby Llamabob7777 » Mon 31 Oct, 2016 9:06 am

With MODS you can see if anyone has a specific item you want like a WC and you can teleport to them and trade with them. Very useful.
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Postby Toddzz » Mon 31 Oct, 2016 9:54 am

kenjix wrote:Hi,

Thanks for the client :)

But, for me, just the GUI option works,( quest, HP, dammage... )

But auto-aim / auto-fire / Shoot thought wall / walk tought wall / respawn under X pourcent of HP .... doesn't work...

Another question :
- What can i do with the toggle MODS ? beacau i see items but i can"t do nothing within ^^

if somebody can help me :)

I cant even toggle the mods!
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Postby Azazsd » Mon 31 Oct, 2016 1:10 pm

skylorz wrote:where can i get a normal swf version of the game?
explains the full process
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