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A few questions - ROTMG Tool

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A few questions

Postby ShawnLee » Thu 07 Apr 16 - 22:24

Hi! I am new to this hack, and so far, I have found that it had exceeded my expectations.
Although, I am still not able to use some features of the hack. Maybe I am using it wrong?
Anyways, here are my questions, and it would be great if anyone could answer me.

Note: (I use the browser version of the hack, not the downloaded one)
1. Autoloot: I've tried autolooting and turned it on, but it still doesn't seem to work. Also, is there an autoloot function for potions?
2. Event notifiers: No matter how many times I turn it on, I am never notified of an event. I am not sure if I am expecting too much out of this, but I am just confused on how to exactly use it.
3. Bag viewer: This function says that I can view the contents of a bag, but how exactly does it work? Do I hover my cursor over the bag in game? (which does not work for me) Also, I can't hear any "voice".

Again, it would be nice if anyone could answer these questions!
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Postby forrielurker » Fri 24 Jun 16 - 6:19

Go to your options; there's an autoloot tab. By default, it'll only pick up very high level gear, to avoid having 6/8 characters' inventories filled with t3 drops. If a bag contains items that are eligible for autoloot, only then will it show the item names above the bag.
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Postby witherrrer » Sat 25 Jun 16 - 5:21

well, i got no problems but, try to flush your dns, by opening cmd as administrator, then type ipconfig. /flushdns

Oh yeah... Its because of my avatar and rank....
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Postby EisaGamingE » Thu 14 Jul 16 - 9:10

Go to F.a.q if you have any problem Or Pm The admin or Ask the helper like Braviosi and Ashyrer
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