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To answer a few questions

Postby Nekrie » Mon 25 Apr 16 - 10:13

@Hallerd9826 (Also applies to @PearBomb / @Dragoonjk1 / @ovitormoura)
Hallerd9826 wrote:I've been trying to figure out for three days now but I can't understand why the reconnect key for my computer doesn't work. O have a mac and I've pressed every damn key on my keyboard to try and figure it out, everyone keeps telling me it's "p" but that doesn't work.

That would be because the new version of the Realm of the Mad God client removed the possibility of this happening. It may come back in the future if there is a secondary way to use reconnect but otherwise you won't be able to. No key will auto-connect, I apologize

Before wrote:I've searched for some time but I was just wondering if anyone's seen them/knows how to make them. (Auto level)

This is not a function of a Realm of the Mad God hacked client because to use it you would need to access the main server database which would require breaking into. This is not something that RotMG Tool does and will never be in the future. The auto-level in and of itself would give you a very small reward of instantly achieving level 20 for the risk of being perma IP banned from the game as they can tell which accounts where changed if you could figure out how to change your account.

reallywater wrote:I only use the loot tier option lol and I trade a lot and don't wanna look like I am hacking lol

Depending on the computer use the options key (I believe it is F1 or FN+F1) and you can disable you auto-trader from there, if you cannot use F1/FN+F1, you can always wait the extra time, or always make sure that the other player takes the trade first

AaronR1 wrote:I remember in Nilly's client there was a feature that would aim the Wizzy's spell bomb for you (auto-ability I suppose?) and I know a lot of people want that back.

But I was thinking about the auto-ability and was playing the priest at the same time and I wondered, what about an auto-heal. In theory, it wouldn't be too hard to code/make because it could basically be the auto-nexus but instead, activates the ability and heals you. It could have the same sliding bar that would activate it at a certain HP %, exactly like the auto-nexus.

Just curious if it was possible, and if so, could it be implemented into the game/client?

This is most definitely something that can be done in the future as it can function on the similar principle of the auto Nexus, although because auto Nexus works on account of percentages I'm not sure what difficulties may arise, I think that auto Nexus uses the F7 key as it's nexus ability as F7 is a Nexus hotkey that can never change so there is no issue if someone moves their Nexus hotkey from 'R' to a different key. But abilities don't have a solid key like Nexus does so if someone changed the key from 'Space' to another key it would no longer work, there would be more coding, just slightly, to make it so that you could change the hotkey in the Hack Options as well but it would take more time.

Lawlzer wrote:I wish this was a thing, like, auto-pot. You would still have auto Nexus, but I'd you want, you put auto-hp-pot on for a certain amount, so that you don't get shotgunned as easily.

This would have much of the same issues that auto-ability would face if someone changed the hotkey of the pots from 'F' to something else, but all the same this is also something that is definitely achievable

hidude45454 wrote:Whenever I load up the hacked client, I get the "Unable to load language [en]". I have tried adding it to my trusted locations and adding the #Security folder to Macromedia. I also have a parental block on my computer that stops certain websites from loading. Is it possible that the block is preventing RoTMG from loading correctly, or do I still have any other fixes to try? And if not, is it possible to bypass the block without installing any programs?

What would be causing this is an outdated version of the client as the "Unable to Load Language [EN]" means that the client you are using cannot connect to the database to retrieve the information for the server. Try getting a new version of the client if you can

Some of these are very old questions but never became answered so I'll answer them now

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Postby srjoseph23 » Fri 19 Aug 16 - 14:50

I just wanna know, are u guys planning to open the F1 HACK version of 27.7.x2? the O HACK hve something strange on my computer... the graphics kinda bother me... and I really enjoyed the view bag... just as much as the quest portrait! If u guys are planning to use only O HACK could u make a version with this kind of things? thank u!
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Postby witherrrer » Sun 21 Aug 16 - 17:01

Necro posting!!!!!!! /lock this too!!!!

Oh yeah... Its because of my avatar and rank....
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