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Can't find the tinkerer or do daily quests while using this - ROTMG Tool

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Can't find the tinkerer or do daily quests while using this

Postby narwhalsToot » Wed 27 Jul 16 - 15:16

Hey, I can't find the Tinkerer while using this client.
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Postby Blubber » Wed 27 Jul 16 - 18:26

This is one of the things that you will have to deal with if you play on the hacked client.
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Postby rotmgwha » Wed 27 Jul 16 - 20:17

Guys I found a free notifier:
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Postby Aweakling » Mon 01 Aug 16 - 14:21

Lmao It's fake @Hai plz ban.
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