Hack ROTMG and Private Server
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General chat about Kabam's Realm of the Mad God game. Discuss updates, items, trades, guilds or anything else
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Tue 08 Nov 16 - 20:53

What's more fun than merching? Having someone buy 8 Dex for 1 Life!!


Thu 10 Nov 16 - 0:30


Also @DisFroggg Why you uploading someone elses video?

Re: Merching

Thu 10 Nov 16 - 4:40

@VinylPlays This is only an Alt. I cannot post videos on @M0ckingJay, because it keeps logging me out everywhere I goto on the forums. This bug is being fixed soon, I hope :).

Tue 15 Nov 16 - 5:32

@VinylPlays he said that last time he posted a video

Tue 15 Nov 16 - 15:19

That post was really unneeded he had already told me in his post, im pretty sure he told me over skype too.
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