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Update for reskins - ROTMG Tool

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Update for reskins

Postby Fazzbear65 » Sat 17 Sep 16 - 17:13

So, mockingjay's topic got locked, so he requested for another one :D So here ya go! Tell us what you think about the reskins of the oryx awesome set, and the sword of illumination and some skins!
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Postby M0ckingJay » Sat 17 Sep 16 - 18:56

Thanks for the Post man! ^^ @Fazzbear65
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Postby ItzVinyl » Sun 18 Sep 16 - 5:12

I like the items. They aren't all that bad. Not so sure about the illumi though. Looks too original. Maybe if you just rethink the whole design. Just don't fuck up like DECA. Other than that i like it
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Postby Killweds » Tue 20 Sep 16 - 8:37

I really like most of the reskins... It is just the Oryx set now. First off, the sword looks like a short sword, The Shield looks like of a shield from the game (ROTMGTOOL) Looks like they didn't bother with the armor and last off the ring. I hate the way the damn ring looks, Feels left out from the rest but apart from the oryx set, I like it the other reskins.
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Postby witherrrer » Thu 22 Sep 16 - 0:19

No, i don't like them.
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