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Advice please

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 16:54

I have played rotmg for 3 years and the best character I ever got was a 6/8 archer that sucked. Recently I bought items and pots for a knight I maxed his def bought top gear and did the rest myself. I got him to 7/8 my first 7/8 character with my high of 800+ fame. I was in a lab and didn't see the green potion and I sat on it. It does 10 shots of 250 damage and I died instantly. I will never get a character like that again. I have never once gotten a white bag or good items until recently the dungeon before my knights death I did a ice cave and got a staff of esben (my first finished ice cave). Please tell me what im doing wrong to where I suck so bad after 3 years I have to buy pots and I cant get anything. I don't even know what class to use.

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 16:55

Find a class you can play efficiently and always be cautious. Checking for danger is better than rushing in To get killed. Always. Always clear dungeons until you are COMPLETELY confident you can rush.

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 17:00

I cant be a knight because im to poor and you gotta be rich to fuel a knight with pots. I would go with wiz or archer I guess. But the dps sucks for them. @AncientEvil

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 17:21

Nope, Wizard has one of the highest DPS in game. Like warrior, as well as DBow Archer. My suggestion is work your way up to getting some decent gear and potfarm, at which point you start item merching to get rich. Ask Mockingjay for more info

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 18:32

Ok i got a wiz with a -2hp and -4 mp but everything else is positive ima keep it. I got a yultide staff, t12 robe, t5 spell, para dex ring

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 19:18

Nvm i just freakin died

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 19:57

@jackaiken here is my advice (atm I have a 8/8 knight with 2.1k base and a 3/8 ninja).
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1) Try and get good HP and MP rolls on your characters. All the other stats don't matter.

2) Make a PPE (even if your pets sucks). The 8/8 knight I currently have was first a PPE until I reached 1k base. I recommend maxing in this order - Dex / Wis / Spd / Vit / Def / Atk / Mana / Life. Obviously this will change slightly depending on what class you play.

3) One other thing that might work for you is once you get a decent set on your character sell it all for pots and start getting items all over again. That is usually how I rebuild.

4) NEVER WASTE MONEY ON ITEMS AND POTS!!! If you are going to spend money on the game put it into your pet (make sure you fuse your pet correctly! If you don't know how that works just look it up on realmeye). You could also spend it on keys (preferable trenches because they are not very hard to do with a group of people and give good loots).

If you want to PM me your IGN name I can help you out ^-^

Tue 10 Jan 17 - 21:48

To start, I know how you feel about dying in a lab by the green potions. I lost a 7/8 rogue to one a week or two ago. Still salty about it.

A common guide is to make a wizard and run only sprite worlds with it, but I find this annoying and monotonous since I suck a$$ at playing wizard.

Everyone has their own way to rebuild and get better, so here's mine: :)
(I'd like to mention I always keep some backup items/pots in my vault just in case I need them.)

As stated above, get a class that suits you. For me it's a melee class or an archer. Choose your class, and level it up. At level 20, spend 2-3 def to buy a mid-tier set for it. Worst case, ask Blubber or myself and we can donate items.

Depending on the class, I recommend you do different things:
~For staff classes, run UDLs, sprites, and snake pits. You can also farm the godlands pretty easily with these guys, and wizard has a higher chance for pot drops in the glands than other classes.
~For melee classes, run UDLs, sprites, snake pits, cemeteries, and abysses/sewers if you're capable.
~For dagger classes, run UDLs, sprites, snake pits, cemeteries.
~Wand classes suck. Don't play them.


I'm kidding. xD
For wand classes, just run the typical stuff (sprites ,UDLs ,snake pits).

This is assuming you're 0/8, no pots drunk, w/mid-tier items.

When you get pots;
~If you have 2+ character slots, max the second character AND DON'T USE IT UNTIL IT'S MAXED!
~Store extra pots in your vault/on mules. Put nothing into the farming character.
~If you have 1 character slot, keep gathering pots and trading them for more expensive ones, keeping life on mules or in your vault.
~When you have enough pots stored up, do the math and see how far you can max a character with what you have.

Please note that if you're efficient you can get a mana to a life just from sprite worlds in about 30 minutes.

Remember, if you have questions, PM me here and I'd be happy to help farm with you. Good luck! :)

Wed 11 Jan 17 - 4:28

also another piece of advice: Max Mana before life. (sorry to contradict blubber) Life is worth a lot more to you than simply having an ability to use, so make sure you prioritise that once 6/8 it's also very useful in comparison.
as for pets, FUSE FROM COMMON. if you don't start fusing from the COMMON rarity of that particular pet (even if you get a rare with elec heal mheal, it doesn't matter because it won't be MAXED.
i've tested this on virtually every source, the pets all work in the same manner, and only heal up to a certain amount if you don't start them from common lvl 1. good luck ^^

Wed 11 Jan 17 - 6:31

As all the other staff have noted do not spend real money on the game, IF YOU DO, spend it on your pet, pets last forever, characters do not. As for getting rich, start with wizard as they are cheap and pretty easy to use, run sprite worlds to start because they are easy, sell the dex you get and save the def, I had a period of time were all I ran was 0/8 wizards as disposable farming characters all with the same set (astral/yuletide, elder, Mnova, parahp/paradef) all I ran was sprite worlds until I could build a warrior, because warrior and knight are the classes that fit my play style. Everyone should have their own play style, experiment with the classes to find which one suits you best, I use warrior, knight, and archer/huntress as my main 3-4 classes, but I try to keep one of each type at a time (I have 4 char slots). Like I've said before if you do spend money on the game DO NOT buy from external sites, buy actual realm gold and spend on a pet (watch youtube vids on how to make a proper pet) or buy vault chests or char slots because those last forever. My pet has saved my characters so many times it not even funny. ( I have a Heal-81 MPheal-78 Electric-58 pet) I would not suggest maxing to a divine pet unless you have the money to throw around (dont use your parents credit cards for anything ever, because that's stupid) I suggest aiming for a proper maxed lvl 90 legendary, because that's really good and while divine is better it becomes super expensive to feed at that point. As for getting fame, use trickster (yes trickster) on the fame train servers, because trickster at lvl 20 has the speed to keep up with the train, dont put anything into fame train characters as they are meant to die.
You want to practice in an environment that you know you'd be safe in, such as running dungeons with a bunch of guild members, (that's how I got better, I hosted and ran a bunch of dungeons with multiple guilds so I could improve).
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