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Banned account

Fri 26 Jan 18 - 21:44

i came back from a 1 year break that i took because i didnt have a computer to play, when i came back to de private server i was talking with a friend on skype like hey man wanna play tools, and i said yeah sure, when i came into the game i loged in and i tried to play it says connection failed, when i tried to change the server it said You are baned read our rules, when i was playing i spent literally months getting all the gear into the account and stuff and when i came back i am baned for no reason, my ign is Andresxcool if someone could please help me ill be more than glad to be a donator into the game :3

Wed 31 Jan 18 - 17:58

@andres.rubalcava Do you go by any other usernames or is Andresxcool the only one?

Re: Banned account

Thu 01 Feb 18 - 5:25

hi the same thing happened to me on my acc deathbyafk i stopped playing for some time then when i got back on i was banned i would plz like to have my acc back if it was because of some item or any other trouble to the server it would not happen again i just plz want my acc back :(

Fri 02 Feb 18 - 21:31

@WeaponXBR You were banned on 9/20/16 permanently for having Donator Items

Sun 04 Feb 18 - 6:19

lol sorry i guess i didnt hack them almost all the items i got some donors gave me i didnt even know they were donator items but ok nothing i can do i guess
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