Hack ROTMG and Private Server
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Having an error on the ROTMG Tool private server? Please remember to check out our FAQ's before posting
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Thu 29 Dec 16 - 16:03

What stuff did you lose? I'd be happy to replace items. PM me for a date and time. :)

Thu 29 Dec 16 - 16:32

@Braviosi You see, the problem is he could scam you, say he had 8 god ammys in his inventory, etc. He should have some kind of proof, or atleast some kind of trust.

Thu 29 Dec 16 - 20:11

hmm like i said he is the type of player who values dmg over hp, so if his layout of inv is like dbow with dex ring or attk ring and spectral armor, it might be reasonable

Thu 29 Dec 16 - 22:50

@Hai make connecting to another persons vault, for those Helper- give account in use for 1000 seconds, yes 1000.

Mon 02 Jan 17 - 6:10

Had the same problem here....
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(I don't even know how to dupe so...)

Re: Weird Death

Mon 02 Jan 17 - 18:37

This problem had been resolved just recently where as a Mod/+ visits=Death for both individuals. We apologize for any inconvenience most of you been having.
@Braviosi will sort things out for you once you PM him if you haven't already.

Thu 05 Jan 17 - 2:08

my apologies for this, the situation has been very unusual, and unfortunately i cannot remember whether or not the visit command is still broken. until then @moderator @global moderator please do not use /visit

Thu 05 Jan 17 - 18:08

*Uses /visit all day long*
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