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Weird Death

Tue 27 Dec 16 - 14:16

This is very confusing to me.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Tue 27 Dec 16 - 16:44

Lol. You got killed because you were duping.
Or it might be because 2 people were in the vault at the same time. I think Ghar tried to visit you. Idk.

Tue 27 Dec 16 - 19:58

blubber lets be smart, if he was duping the grave would be somewhere else instead of right on the spawn point. That grave is more aligned than my gyro copter, and you do not know how alinged my gyro copter is. So he definitely was not duping AT ALL. Hmm and his wizzy layout is simmilar to mine, wich means i prefer dmg over hp and so does he. Wich would mean he is a harcore player, and wouldn't be a duper, cus i have seen dupers and they had like 4 flipin mad rage in one inv and the next day they have eight, and two pyras that looks loke they have been freshly duped due to the fact they were aligned in a unconvincing way, and when i checked them out, they werent long time players. And umm to frank i think we have a solid reason that he wasn't duping actually cus i just checked him and he joined a few weeks ago, and i belive for someone to dupe, yet knows how to combo like a king, that means he is decent prod player. If he did dupe. Too bad i had to rant about it #rantingizliferantingizlove

Tue 27 Dec 16 - 21:24

If he was duping he would be killed instantly which would be on the spawn point.
I'm 99% sure Ghar went to visit him in his vault and because there were two people he died.

Tue 27 Dec 16 - 22:10

@Blubber So would you get your items back if a mod+ /visits you?

Tue 27 Dec 16 - 22:53

Wait so can I get my items back or what?

Wed 28 Dec 16 - 6:21

If you weren't duping then yes.

Wed 28 Dec 16 - 6:36

Oh wait the duping i know is different then the duping your talking about so sry.

Wed 28 Dec 16 - 10:08

How can I get my stuff back then?

Wed 28 Dec 16 - 10:33

@Amazingpotat One of the @mods will probably give you your items back that you lost, ASAP.
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