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Re: Duping

Postby XxbAc0nxX » Tue 11 Mar 14 - 15:34

Terrible joke you say
sethseth wrote:i need a spoon to stop my period
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Re: Duping

Postby VipSlathbog » Tue 11 Mar 14 - 15:51

lolz ive never been good with jokes xD
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Re: Duping

Postby nabeels » Tue 06 May 14 - 10:37

duping just ruins game stuff are so easy to get
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Re: Duping

Postby SorenOwl » Tue 06 May 14 - 13:45

nabeels please do not necro-post
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Please take your time to...
PM me if anyone hacks, dupes, etc,...
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Pm if you need any help!

Please Pm me if anyone hacks, dupes, spamming, or is being a nuisance to the /psplay.php, /pplay.php or environment. *WE NEED PROOF OF THIS*
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