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Merry Christmas!

Sat 23 Dec 17 - 15:21

Hello to you all; i do hope you're enjoying your winter holidays!
granted i must admit it has been a while since i last really said anything, as I am a very busy person. but i am still alive and around.
I wish i could be around more i must admit; however life beckons and i cannot refuse.
just here to wish you all a merry christmas, happy new year, and a happy holidays!
for the new year; here's to hoping we can get that Massive update pushed out!
Cheers everyone!
see you soon,
and on behalf of
@Hai and the Rotmgtool Staff Team;
~AncientEvil, RotMGTool Management

Sat 30 Dec 17 - 22:23

Happy Holidays!

Mon 01 Jan 18 - 14:23

Server still up?
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