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Thu 19 May 16 - 7:08

Ashryver wrote:This got more attention then mine did >.>


I post the link to this whenever I'm online about every half hour to every hour. It allows more people to see it, and thereby increases the traffic to the post. Don't worry about it. xD

Fri 20 May 16 - 4:36

Thanks to @AncientEvil for beating me to that edit.

Fri 20 May 16 - 5:53

Stradinius helps alot. I reccomend asking him if you need help

Thu 26 May 16 - 7:35

Can i please have the link down for the hack for my macbook pro plz


Thu 26 May 16 - 7:45

Fudelxnation wrote:Can i please have the link down for the hack for my macbook pro plz

Ignoring this, as you CLEARLY didn't read the post.

In order to contact me, send me a Private Message. Please do not submit your requests for help in this forum slot.

Mon 30 May 16 - 13:48

Is the "Bow of Angelic Power" UT or Soulbound?


Tue 31 May 16 - 7:48

MrIncognito wrote:Is the "Bow of Angelic Power" UT or Soulbound?

The "Bow of Angelic Power" is not on the Donator only list, but I believe it is only UT. If you're a non-donator, according to the current list, you can have it.

Thu 09 Jun 16 - 13:37

forgot to mention, i turned this into an announcement. hopefully it stays as one and won't be a pain in the ass.

Thu 09 Jun 16 - 14:53

@AncientEvil I have the power to sticky things :/ (it shows up as an editing option for me, it didn't before I was Gmod) no idea if it'll work though, time to test it out xD

Thu 09 Jun 16 - 15:27

I think Strad is an amazing helper(not staff wise/helping people wise xD). If there are any questions you have involving the server such as problems and such, feel free to pm me as well.
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