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Fri 02 Sep 16 - 7:57

To fix the 2048 bug do:
Press the windows button plus r
Type... You know what just search, how to flushdns in google.

Wed 07 Sep 16 - 2:57

@Witherrrer You had already started explaining it and the first thing you do not do is just stop mid way and tell them to go search for it themselves. They come here for assistance from players, not from google. Please next time you describe something do it correctly.

Wed 07 Sep 16 - 11:23

/announce'd this post. so it's now an announcement as opposed to a sticky. (idk why, but global announce always glitches when i try to do it. @Voidreaper, think you can help?)

Fri 16 Sep 16 - 12:21

Its a Sticky now.

Fri 16 Sep 16 - 12:45

@Nyaro i left it as an announce so people have a link to the donator items from anywhere :( y u do dis to me

Thu 19 Jan 17 - 18:48

I don't know my username or password but i do have verification email is it possible that someone can help?
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