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[CLOSED] ROTMGTOOL Private Server Client

Sun 25 Aug 19 - 6:18

Good afternoon everyone,

It may be of surprise to you that the title of the post to download the server has now been changed to "Closed".

This is because we no longer have a private server running.

We have had a great 6 years in the running of it, and everything that has come with the trials and tribulations was a great endeavor.

As one of the oldest private servers, it is a shame indeed that we had to close doors, however with nobody having time to work on it, we cannot physically update anything, nor do we have the drive or enthusiasm we once did for the development.

On behalf of Hai (the administrator and owner), Voidreaper (my co-manager), and the (now redundant) Moderation team of Rotmgtool;
We thank you all for being a part of our private server community, and hope you continue to stay around for the hacked clients!

Kind regards,
AncientEvil the Wanderer,
Last of The Dark Riders,
Rotmgtool Site, Server and Staff Manager.
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