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Help With Donations - Didnt Receive Email / How To Auto Rank

Donation Information

Are you enjoying Our Private Server?

Want to donate to help with the huge server costs?

You Will Be Rewarded In Return!

Benefits of Donating

People who make a Donation of less than 10$ will get..

Either 5000 or 10,000 Gold - Depending on the amount donated

Private Server Gold

(3.00$ - 4.99$ = 5000 Gold) and (5.00$ - 9.99$ = 10,000 Gold)

People who make a Donation of 10$ and over will get..

- Donator Status and Donator Commands On Our Private Server!

- Donator Status On the Forum [More PMs, Bigger Signature + More]!

- Access to Donator Only Servers to Reduce Much of The Lag!

- Ability to Spawn 100`s of Different Monsters in Any Server!

- Ability to Give Yourself Any Production or Custom Item!

- Ability to Get FREE Gold and Fame!

- Get Strong Donator Only Pets That Heal and Attack!

- Ability to Help Debug and Test New Dungeons and Items Before Public Release!

- The Satisfaction That YOU HAVE HELPED SUPPORT US :)


Private Server Gold

(10.00$ - 19.99$ = Donator Rank) and (20.00$+ = VIP Rank)

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See a FULL Item List Here!

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* Your perks and status will last forever and will never be removed!

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Help With Donations - Didnt Receive Email / How To Auto Rank