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Do Not Double Post
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Do Not Post a New Thread Every Time the Production Server Updates (or the Private Server Goes Offline)
Please keep all related posts in one thread per update/downtime

Keep All Posts On-topic and New Topics in the Correct Catagory
Posts and Threads in wrong section may be deleted without warning

Do Not Revive Dead Threads/Necropost
Unless absolutely necessary

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No Monetary Trading for Anything!
(Asking for cash for any items whether digital or material)

Keep Swearing to a Minimum
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No Sexual, Racial, Political or Otherwise Offensive Content to be Posted

No Torrents, Warez or any Other Illegal Downloads Can be Discussed

No Bots or Spamming

If You Lost Items/Died or Got Banned do Not Spam the Forum
If you do this, you may be temporarily banned from the forum too

Failure to comply could result in warnings, a temporary ban or a permanent account / IP ban

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