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Looking for free Realm of the Mad God hacks and cheats?

There are several different hacks that currently work for ROTMG. You can find out about the available hacks and cheats below.

You can also click here to download or discuss other ROTMG hacks, cheats, proxy servers and automated software on our forum.

Hacked Clients

These are the most widely used, and easiest way to hack the free MMORPG - Realm of the Mad God.

Hacked clients are very powerful, because they are able to change lots of the game code that is built in to the client.
This means that they have many cool and very useful features!

Here at ROTMG Tool - we have a free hacked client, that is playable from our website - meaning no need for any downloads!

Play our Free ROTMG Hacked Client Online

ROTMG Tool Online Hacked Client Features

Auto Aim - With many options available

Auto Nexus - Choose the HP % to teleport on

Auto Loot - Choose which items you want to auto loot

No-Clip - Walk through most walls

No-Debuffs - No bad effects, like blind, drunk, darkness, confuse, so on..

Sprite World Hacks - Walk through gaps and ignore moving tiles

Event Notifier - Lets you know when an event has entered a realm

Drop Notifier - Lets you know whats in each loot bag

Lots of Anti Lag Settings - Hide particles, projectiles, so on..

Plus; No Damage from Lava, built in Custom Cursor, Increase the Size of good Loot Bags and More!

The Hack Settings can now be found in the in-game Options (Press 'o')

ROTMG Hacked Client

You can instead choose to download the ROTMG hacked client that you can play on our website for free, by clicking the image below

You will need to download Adobe flash player standalone or drag the download onto Chrome web browser to open it.

Download Free ROTMG Hacked Clients

K Relay - ROTMG Proxy

K Relay is a proxy tool, that will allow you to decrypt, parse, and re-encrypt all of the packets that the ROTMG client is sending back to the server. K Relay is a new version of the now outdated; Realm Relay.

The proxy can run along side any ROTMG hacked client, and allows you to easily add custom hacks and features to Realm of the Mad God.

There are many different scripts already available for K Relay- it is even relatively easy to create your own custom scripts.

Click here to download the free ROTMG proxy hack, and to view K Relay scripts on our forum.

Realm Relay ROTMG Proxy Hack

Auto Nexus Cheats

In the early days of Realm of the Mad God, there were many different tools available to ensure your character go back to the nexus before dying.

The most popular was a tool that would watch pixels on the screen, waiting for your HP bar to drop (HONEST!)

Thankfully, the auto nexus hack is now built into our hacked client, and it is customisable so that you can choose the HP amounts to escape to the Nexus at.

There are also Auto Nexus scripts available for K Relay, which can act as a fail safe to ensure you always get to the Nexus in time!

Click here to view the ROTMG production hacks and cheats section of our forum, to see what auto nexus tools are available.

God Mode

In the past, it was possible to use god mode hacks on ROTMG, meaning that your character became invincible, and would not take damage.

Realm of the Mad God have now stopped players from using god mode by automatically kicking them from the ROTMG server whenever they try to use these types of hacks.

Today, all publicly know methods of achieving god mode in ROTMG have now been blocked, and no new ways have been found since the known ones were patched.

This is mainly because the game developers have changed the HP to be processed on the server side, not client side, meaning that hacked clients can't edit this code.

It is also likely that if a working invincibility method was found for ROTMG, the founder would keep it for themselves.

Free Item Hacks and Free ROTMG Gold Hacks

There are people that will tell you that they are able to hack items or get free gold on ROTMG, but this is not true.

All of the information about your players gold, stats and items is stored on the Realm of the Mad God servers, which are almost impossible to hack!

Although it would be nice to get free ROTMG gold and buy everything in the Nexus, it is highly un-likely that it will ever be possible. :(

Hacked Client Help

Need help with something on our ROTMG Hacked Client? - Please check out the Help Guide, by clicking the image below

ROTMG Tool Help Guide