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Help Guide

This is a 'mini-guide' to provide help when using our Hacks, Private Server, or browsing our Forum. It also has brief help about donating.

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Production Server (Kabams Server)

Private Server (ROTMG Tool Server)



Where Can I Donate, or Get More Information About Donating?

Please see our donation page - for help and more information about making a donation to ROTMG Tool

Why Have I Not Received an Email After Donating?

If you have donated but haven't received an email from us just yet, please see our Donation Help page

Our donation system has now changed, you now need to be logged in before you donate, and you will no longer recieve an email.
For further help, we can be contacted directly by email at: [email protected]

Production Server (Kabams Server)

How do I Download the Hack Client?

To download the ROTMG Hack Client, please choose the current client version in our Released Hacked Clients section

How do I Show the Hack Options Menu?

Hacks can now be found on the in-game options. Simply press the 'o' key or the options spanned when in the Nexus

Why am I Getting 'Unable to Load Language [EN]' Error?

Please download the Language Fix below, and run the .exe file

Download Language Fix

Why do I Get a Black Screen or 'Play at' When I Start up the Client?

Please see the answer to the above question 'Why am I getting 'Unable to Load Language [EN]' Error?'

Why Can't I Enter Servers Through the Hacked Client? ('Connection Failed! Retrying...')

It's possible that the production servers have recently been updated, meaning that the client on our website is temporarily outdated (and currently unplayable)

To check if there was an update, you can find our current Hacked Client version # in the Released Hacked Clients section

You can then check the production server's version, by logging into the
official Realm of the Mad God client, and viewing the version number # in the bottom left

If there has been an update, please be patient. We will be working on getting the new client up right away!

Why am I Seeing a Black Screen in the Vault / Guild Hall / Realm (When using full screen mode)?

You will need to turn off 'Hardware Acceleration' in the ROTMG options

Why Does the Page Move When I Want to Scroll on the Mini-map?

This is because our Hacked Client page is too large for your screen

You can either zoom the page out (Press 'Ctrl' + '-' /or/ 'Ctrl' + Scroll mouse down)

Otherwise, you can download the client that you are playing on

How do I Play the Hacked Client .swf File on Mac (OSX) ?

Download the Hacked Client .swf file, and save it on your desktop

Make sure you have Google Chrome installed (Tested with Google Chrome version 38)

Drag the Hacked Client .swf file onto Google Chrome

Credits to: Berakisgood

Private Server (ROTMG Tool Server)

Where Can I Download the Private Server Client?

Please click here to dowload our Private Server client

What are the Private Server Rules?

Click here to read our Private Server rules

Why Does the Web Client Never Load?

This is because the web-client is currently broken. Please download the stand-alone client

Why do I get 'Load Error, Retrying'?

There is a possibility that the server is temporarily offline - this can normally be verified in our chat

Why is it Saying 'Security Error 2048'?

This is usually caused in the rare event of one of our servers crashing, and being temporarily offline

You can try playing on a different server, by selecting another one on the servers menu

Normally, servers restart automatically - but if they don't Hai will restart them manually

If a server has crashed, it can normally be verified in our chat

Why is it Lagging Badly on the Private Server?

Although we are constantly working to fix the lag on our server, unfortunately sometimes they are still lagging

Current known causes of lag are

Over populated servers (try playing on servers with the least players)
Donator's / VIP's / Staff spawning too many enemies
The Realm has recently closed on the server
People on the server with OP weapons / abilities

Why do I Always Loose my Stats and Item(s) on the Private Server?

This is most likely because your character is glitched.

It will not save the items or stats that you get, it is reccomended that you delete your glitched character.

Why Did I Loose Some of my Items When I Nexus / Went Into a Dungeon/Vault/Guild Hall?

This is because your information didn't get saved into the servers database properly.

A possible way to stop this is by dropping the item and then picking it back up - then it should save.

If this is happening every time you load a new map, please see 'Why do I Always Loose my Stats and Item(s) on the Private Server?' above

What do I do if I Forgot my Password on the Private Server?

There is a 'Forgot Password' link on our Community website

To use this feature, you must have added and verified your email on your account - or donated after 01/09/2014

If you have done one of the above then you will be able to use our Community website to send a new password to your email

How do I Play the Private Server .swf File on Mac (OSX) ?

Download the Private Server .swf file, and save it on your desktop

Make sure you have Google Chrome installed (Tested with Google Chrome version 38)

Drag the Private Server .swf file onto Google Chrome

Credits to: Berakisgood


What are the Forum Rules?

Our forum rules can be found here

Why Can't I See the Chat Box or Access the Chat Page?

You must be registered and signed in to the forum to view our chat box

If you are signed in to our forums, but still can't see the chat box - you may have been temporarily banned from chatting by a forum moderator

What do I do if I Forgot my Password on the Forum?

Please use the forgot password link to re-set your forum password

These Questions and Answers are Still Under Development

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