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Wed 15 Apr 15 - 5:01

Dude post only 1 application
u posted 1 already
thats enough

And the applications will close in 2 DAYS

Thu 16 Apr 15 - 5:42

Name: Cerbreaker
Rank applying for: Helper
Age: 16
Rate your English skill (1-10): 9
Extra info:
Have you worked anywhere else: Nope,sadly
If so, why are you no longer working there:
Why do you want to be a part of the staff team: Because I really want to become member of this cool community, Everyone is very cool and kindly in this community.
How will you make our server a better community: I can promote the server by making youtube videos, also my friend said he will let me post on his youtube (He have quite a lot of subs) I also love helping people, giving some items (no ut's, or giving tips)
Any extra info you would like to add: I Am very very active I play every single day, rarely it happens for me not to play, I really Hope ill get accepted for Helper..., I also Used to have an old account but i forgot the pass :/

Thu 16 Apr 15 - 10:40

Name: IRL name: Benjamin Prod ign: OBENNYo Pserver: BENNY |Name history: westerxD->BENNY|
Age: 16
English skills: 8/10(normaly speaks danish but not on english websites :P)
Rank applying for: Helper
worked for: im not mod/helper on any other pservers(because i only play here <3) But im Mod on many streams and some Minecraft servers
why are you no longer working there: The streamers is not streaming that much and im still mod on Minecraft servers
Why do you want to be a part of the staff team: Im good at helping and very active (got no job D:) and i got many great ideas to share with u awsome guys
How will you make our server a better community: im very active on forum so i can answer/help some posters to enjoy this awsome website

Hope i didnt forget anything

Thu 16 Apr 15 - 11:03

Need at least 10 post I think that's what Nyaro said
After some vids and successful we can consider the Helper

Fri 17 Apr 15 - 4:25

Applications are CLOSED now!
Will choose with Hai And Other Mods our new helpers....

stay tuned

Sat 18 Apr 15 - 19:01

Well ummm imma close this post now...


Sun 19 Apr 15 - 0:58

SorenOwl wrote:Well ummm imma close this post now...

I thought i closed it...
Thanks hny

Fri 05 Jun 15 - 5:14

Yea looked into
didnt find anything good.
So apply again please.
I open them now.
Time tilll 10.06.2015

Fri 05 Jun 15 - 8:51

Name: Alfie (Smileyy)
Rank applying for: Helper <3 :)
Age: 15
Rate your English skill (1-10): 7/8
Extra info: I'm from London, England - Currently in High School - I usually spend all day on the computer!
Have you worked anywhere else: Depends what you mean, If you're asking if I've worked on a forum then yes, I have. I've worked on multiple forums and I've been known to the members of that community
If so, why are you no longer working there: Well, the forum that I was on belonged to a server at the time I was a Forum Moderator for the server, Eventually the server just shut down for some unknown reason not sure why, haven't spoke to the host since. He apparently moved and never really got the money to keep it up but I guess things happen eventually...
Why do you want to be a part of the staff team: I usually spend a lot of time on the server and on the forum and I've spent most of my time trying to remember the existing rules, if I got this rank I'm positive I'd spend more time on it than I did before, I usually love to play on RotmgTool and I like to farm the new items on release. This means that on the way of farming I would like to be able to help as many players as possible and ensure that the players of this community are happy!
How will you make our server a better community: If I became a Helper, I would do my job and make sure that the players of the community are always happy, I would also enforce the rules along the way of doing this. I would love to be able to help and I would never abuse anything, I would even agree to get a good subscription to the server as in me donating often to ensure that the server stays up, as I do indeed want to play my part. If I got Helper I would agree to spend most of the days on the forum and even the server (if I can xD) just yesterday I was on the server literally from about 4pm to 7am the next day, because of this I guess that shows my dedication to server and I'd agree to help anyone in need if I had the correct answer for example right now I usually sit in the chatbox and help the newbies load the server up. I even have the standalone link constantly in my clipboard to ensure I can simply just CTRL + V it onto the chatbox :P
Any extra info you would like to add: I sometimes spend some time on CSGO but if I got Helper I will literally bring that time to minimum so I can keep an eye on the server for as long as possible. I know pretty much all of the existing forum rules and sometimes in pub realms I see some people spawning in solid immovable objects around the arena to allow them to farm which really needs to be monitored by sometime, I would be honoured to monitor the pub arenas and make sure that nobody does this, also I rarely see any staff online the pubic realms so a lot rule breaking occurs I keep seeing people offering a duping service which I try to screenshot but I cant do it in time. I am also willing to edit more videos and ensure that I promote the server to the best of my ability.

Fri 05 Jun 15 - 10:25

THis is clossing now...
Topic locked