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Soz i've been less active. - ROTMG Tool

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Soz i've been less active.

Postby TroyBelz » Thu 19 Jan 17 - 14:14

As you guys have seen, i've been way less active. :/

As for me, Nothing bad has happened. But, the end of semister has been occuring. So i have very large & very important test i must take.

Also, i have been working more(I hate it!)

Just a heads up and next week i will be 100% more active
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Postby Nubiosi » Thu 19 Jan 17 - 15:36

That's ok, as long as you come back. ^-^

Good luck on the test(s)!

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Postby witherrrer » Thu 19 Jan 17 - 19:03

Well then, hmm that makes the two of us, me and my sister gas an exam due in a month lol
Gotta go FAST

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Postby Hai » Sun 12 Feb 17 - 10:06

Hey, welcome back! And good look in your end of term test!

It's good to have you all around
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