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Raccoon Realms - Now open to the public! - ROTMG Tool

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Re: Raccoon Realms - Now ONLINE - Private Testing

Postby THHEjoker » Thu 14 Sep 17 - 8:44

Hello, im a fella named THHEjoker in many games i'd love to be a tester on Racoon Realms. Since i don't really qualify for anything else this would be the only opinion for me if you allow me to join your Server :). I could let my Fantasy Play and make some art if i have some ideas and/or Talent but i can always try. Sincerely THHEjoker
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Re: Raccoon Realms - Now ONLINE - Private Testing

Postby CookZey » Mon 18 Sep 17 - 8:16

Greetings sir,

I'd be delighted to join your staff team. I understand you only accept 18-year-olds or even 16-year-olds however I am almost 16. I am very mature especially when it comes to being a staff member. Please ignore the fact that i have a stupid name on these forums and that my profile is merely childish. This is because i haven't updated it in 2 years now i believe? I am currently doing my final year exams and part-time i can support your private server as a staff member or moderator etc. If you wish, i can create a personal statement for you on discord. However, i realized that your discord link has expired. If you could send me another or add me on discord as Jacob#8526 i would really appreciate it. I have been on many private servers as a staff member. I do not understand python or whatever language you use... yet. Although I am currently learning computer science. And i am not a good sprite artist. But am very reliable and focused when it comes to protecting the private server from trolls or anyone who dares to break the community guidelines.

I hope you respond with your discord details or send me a message on Discord.

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Watch out KIDS!

#Awesome C

Wanna PM me for any reason? Go ahead or send me an email:
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Postby MrRaccoon » Sun 12 Nov 17 - 4:19

Updated the original post to announce that we are now open!
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Postby MrskinPlayz » Mon 11 Dec 17 - 12:43

Any chance you can post the real flash player link in this forum because my school block discord.... Thanks if you do
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Just Joined
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Postby witherrrer » Sat 16 Dec 17 - 2:51

@MrRaccoon I will test food for free.
Gotta go FAST

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