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Here you can discuss other Realm of the Mad God private servers. Feel free to advertise your own ROTMG private server
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Realm Hero's (Rotmg Private Server) (Fixing bug's)

Sun 20 Sep 15 - 18:18

Hello. SaiyajinBro here, So after a while i have decided to do something. Something very interesting. My own private server! Now i do need you to be aware that this is very early in development and for now might just be a hangout until i work on it a little more. (Thing's i'm going to do with this PS):Now i'm might do something very cool that might make this PS unique. And that is traveling to whole new realms, Yes. I might go so far that i might make realm's that are different to the one that Oryx has With even stronger gear! I also may make some new pet's and weapon's etc. If you want to play the private server then the link is right here http://www.mediafire.com/download/sc9a mzf36cr0dce/RealmHero%27s.swf (Note):You need to copy the entire link and put it into the little bar at the top. I added a space cause of some bug where it add's 3 dots if the link is too long making you just go to some page where it say's this post has been deleted. You will need a swf opener (FlashPlayer Opener) To play this or just play it on your browser by dragging the swf to your browser (Google Chrome) And you should be able to play.
(Bug's i need to fix.):The server does not seem to connect for other people. I did set up the connection thing with yogda and hamachi but for some reason it just does not connect for other people. I am trying to fix this bug as well as i can and any help from people who know how to make a private server would be very nice.

Tue 22 Sep 15 - 16:58

Cool I guess I'll try it out right now !

Thu 24 Sep 15 - 5:25

can you show some screens?

Fri 25 Sep 15 - 17:10

Virus scan? Screenshots? Also server isn't working for me.

Fri 25 Sep 15 - 20:47

yup server isnt working for me either.. just says loading error retrying.. Is there a server that comes with it?


Sat 26 Sep 15 - 12:41

@SaiyajinBro Swf for the client

Tue 29 Sep 15 - 6:04

since its his first server im guessing its hamachi so you might want to give the hamachi details or if your port forwarding im guessing the server is closed @Ahlwong could you close the thread?

Tue 29 Sep 15 - 17:49

Server isn't working. When it is back up, please notify one of the moderators to reopen this thread.

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