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[Now hiring] blin realms

Thu 02 Mar 17 - 19:52

Developer: I need people that can code items, deal with my bad spelling, and teach me a bit on how to code items/behaviors.

Sprites/mapper: the ability to created sprites that are beyond acceptable, and/or the ability to create maps custom or prod.

Admins: will be managing discord and have to be able to monitor server for wrong doers, and host spawning events.

I am using the "best pserver source" (from what I have seen it is pretty good source)

I pretty much need the Devs to explain to me where to learn coding for realm.

-I will soon be putting into testing (no ETA), bob

Fri 03 Mar 17 - 1:22

The "best pserver source" is the prod source (which is in possession of Deca... Trying to email them to buy to have it for free would end up in denial and criticizing you in creating a unpermitted server). From what I heard, this website should do the trick.
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. For xmls, I recommend using Notepad and/or Notepad++ since they're both easy to use. MVS (Microsoft Visual Studio) is the way to go, but (I think Arcanuo recommended this to me) Xamarin is also good. Both will require lots of storage space if you want to download one or both of these programs and code behaviors. Admins administrate... But there should also be Moderators that moderate in order to keep the server, Discord, and if possible... The forums, a friendly yet fun place to be in. You'll have to make a formatted application for staff members. Spriters/mappers must be able to show proof of their OWN work (there are sprite stealers out there so know who you can trust, and don't use sprite stolen work... Unless you're Nilly's realm which is ded'ed...). You'll know which people are good developers if they get down to the technical stuff. Lastly, you must be a strict, fair, nice, owner (or whatever you want the top position to be called). Getting work done, knowing how to setup VPS if you get donations, busting out a few jokes here and there, fixing errors and patching security glitches, and helping players rather than being mean all the time will be good for the server. Also, listen to everyone's opinions if you get the chance.

Fri 03 Mar 17 - 16:08

I am considering making a forum but I want the private server to be public and original, but then again having a forum is not copying. I am strict on staff/sprites and as for jokes I am working on 2 bosses called Boris, and dank.exe and copyright I'll just put We do not own these ideas in desc (lol)

Sat 04 Mar 17 - 3:47

I can teach you how to code items yourself if you want.

Sat 04 Mar 17 - 5:25

I know how to code items but everything else is a lot harder, so sure

Mon 06 Mar 17 - 23:43

I can help with your server I can do mapping, spriting and I enjoy spending a lot of time randomly monitoring messages from discord. and I do know quite a bit about servers so if you need any help I can most likely help.
btw I also have skype.
I can usually spend a little bit on the computer each day mostly on weekends.
weekends: 2.45 hours- 4.00 hours
week days: 30.00 mins- 1:00 hour
I may be able to spend a little bit more or less depending
ALSO NOTE: I may randomly become very active at times and spend 9-12 hours a day for a few days on the computer.
I also live is Australia so keep in mind I may not be able to reply for a few hours.

It would be great opportunity to join your staff team. :)

Re: [Now hiring] blin realms

Thu 09 Mar 17 - 0:32

I think i'd fit the role for spriter (not much of a mapper). i'm available for most jobs, I have discord and skype so it'll be no problem contacting me.
my timezone is UTC+10:00 (Aus), I'm usually lurking from around
3-9PM Weekdays
7AM-10PM on Weekends

Sun 19 Mar 17 - 17:34

I can help you with Spriting/Mapping and codeing items
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