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Get help with your own Realm of the Mad God private server. Lean how to set up server files, add content and more!
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I need help...

Fri 02 Jun 17 - 22:48

Well I've been trying to set up my own offline pserver for quite a while now, and tried Phoenix, MMO, and even fabino. I completed all the steps in the guides and a common step in all of them is :
1) Open wServer.exe as an Admin
2) Open Server.exe as an Admin
But all I have in place of those exe files are wServer.cfg and Server.cfg
Anybody mind helping me out here?

Sat 03 Jun 17 - 3:37

Update: I found out what I was doing wrong and also that due to some errors and stuff my laptop isn't able to 'rebuild' the solution file. If possible can some one set up a Fabiano source (password = botmaker) zip or rar it up and give me a download link?

Thanks in advance!

Thu 29 Jun 17 - 9:57

you can find that build source on Fabian / Ossimic82's Github. it does work; but you need the right software to compile it. e.g. Visual Studio, Jpexs, etc.
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