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Mystery Box Help - ROTMG Tool

Get help with your own Realm of the Mad God private server. Lean how to set up server files, add content and more!

Mystery Box Help

Postby Cas » Sat 05 Aug 17 - 5:39

I learning how to make my own private server to get some friends into the game but I want to add my own things to the mystery box and was wondering if someone could help walk me through that. I know how the mystery box works and have some basic things but I want to add a UT Items box. If someone could help that would be wonderful. Thank you!
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Postby MrRaccoon » Mon 07 Aug 17 - 0:48

Near as I can tell you can't make an entirely separate mystery box for it without a lot of work. You can, however, choose the items that appear in the base mystery box.

Open your database, navigate to your mystery box, and add the HEXID of the items you want in it. If more than one item, separate each with a ; instead of a comma.
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