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Postby Xfury » Tue 23 Aug 16 - 7:39


B. Ahlwong

C. Kingdom of the Void

D. Void Knights

E. Nyaro

F. A, the longest one:p

G. MMMmmm Nyaro I suposee

H. Same person, you!

I. 145 247.138K or 8π (5.6×1032 K), that is the same
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Postby sil3x » Sat 15 Oct 16 - 12:26

So closeee );;
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Postby Nubiosi » Sat 15 Oct 16 - 15:49

Please refrain from necro-posting.


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Postby VoidReaper » Mon 17 Oct 16 - 12:42

unlocked @Braviosi this isn't dead, I'm still waiting for people to get the answers right, until I lock it, it's not dead.
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Postby witherrrer » Mon 17 Oct 16 - 18:33

"Five years later, somebody would remeber how to get answers correctly."
Gotta go FAST

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Postby trickcmate » Tue 01 Nov 16 - 18:34

B. RyanGoHard
C. Kingdom of the Void
D. Void Knights (because u rule the Void Kingdom lol)
E. Nyaro
F. A
G. Ahlwong
H. Wait arent u VoidEnforcer? It kinda makes sense with ur current username... xD
I. Some hypotheses involving additional space dimensions predict that micro black holes could be formed at energies as low as the TeV range

P.S. Many people forgot to write their PS name on the post like it said in the directions, but I actually read the directions xD

PS Name: Trickcmate
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With a new PC coming VERY soon, we will resume production. Here's the discord link.

Have fun folks.
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Postby Bruhh » Tue 01 Nov 16 - 19:00

A. Ima stick with Vip my man
B. Ahlwong
C. Kingdom of the Void
D. Knight of the Void seems to make sense...
E. Just to spice things up lets make this one... Nyaro
F. Nyaro.........
G. Nyaro........... Wow this is like those tests where u get C 3 times and instantly think u screwed up...
H. Its you my boi
I. Alright i did some extensive research on this and I have come to the conclusion that if a thing is not a black hole to start with, it cannot become one. No matter the speed, even if a rock accelerates to 99.999% of the speed of light and becomes massive, as the faster an object moves the more mass is gains; doesnt mean massive as in size, it will still be a rock, it cannot "become" a black hole. Hope this intrigues you

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