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Essence Realms - ROTMG Tool

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Essence Realms

Postby Nubiosi » Mon 13 Mar 17 - 16:37

Hi. I'm Bravi.

I'm here to bring some good news. Over the past couple of months, Trickcmate and I have been working on another private server that we believe will be revolutionary. Some features included are a fully functioning marketplace, minimal lag (as in VERY LITTLE), and custom bosses/dungeons of all difficulties. The economy will be stable, with all of the custom items coming from the player base.

The discord link:

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Hope you guys will join and support our server!

Dates and stuff:

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Postby trickcmate » Mon 13 Mar 17 - 16:41


P.S. Jesus christ I havent been on this forum in ages.
Essence Realms is being REBOOTED:
With a new PC coming VERY soon, we will resume production. Here's the discord link.

Have fun folks.
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Postby Kikopower » Tue 14 Mar 17 - 2:03

Here's the forums for the server. Keep in mind that it may be changed in the future upon @trickcmate and/or @Nubioso request and decision.
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Postby milosav.mrdak » Sat 15 Apr 17 - 4:07

is the pserver out yet or nah ?
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Postby OneTimeFTW » Thu 11 May 17 - 13:22

Is the rotmg server up?
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Postby M0ckingJay » Thu 11 May 17 - 16:38

@OneTimeFTW @milosav.mrdak Please do not Necro-post. Next time will be a warning.

Hello, I'm M0ckingJay, and I am the Youtube Team Director.
If you have questions, feel free to PM me anytime!!
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