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For any off topic chat, that can't go in another category. Feel free to talk about anything that you like!


Postby lili.tepes » Mon 19 Jun 17 - 12:03

@M0ckingJay I never had donor items..
w/e , what can i do for unban?
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Postby M0ckingJay » Mon 19 Jun 17 - 12:10

Dear @lili.tepes ,

There is no way of out system to unban you, as our system has a set date for people who are banned for a couple of days, weeks, months, etc. Since your ban is permanent, you cannot be unbanned. I suggest you make a new account and follow the rules.

*NOTE: There is no need to make more than 1 topic about your bannings, since I have said specifically to PM STAFF MEMBERS!!

Hello, I'm M0ckingJay, and I am the Youtube Team Director.
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