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Is there a normal player with donator items? Somebody over spawning? Please tell us about it here!


Postby Minecrafter0 » Tue 03 Oct 17 - 11:25

A few hackers that i caught, i have more but no proof other than my word. all using dex/ multi shot/ godmode IGN Gusiscool
Image Image Image Image Image This 2nd one is very blurry and indecisable, but it was the same person standing inside of thessal and not taking any damage
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Postby Stradinius » Thu 16 Nov 17 - 23:16

@Minecrafter0 For future reference, your keyboard should have a button that says "PRT SCR" that allows you to take a screenshot pretty much instantly. You can then paste those images in any document and save them as an image later. Using that method will prevent blurry images and allow the evidence to be more clearly seen. As it is, some of these images don't show enough of what's going on to make a definitive call.
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Postby M0ckingJay » Sat 18 Nov 17 - 10:47

All User is Banned, thank you for reporting!!

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