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Acc in use - ROTMG Tool

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Acc in use

Postby instrxmentals » Sat 31 Mar 18 - 15:10

Game disconnected me from the arena and now it wont let me in the server,
Chat keeps spamming 'Account in use'

What do i do to fix this?
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Postby ForeverSS » Sun 15 Apr 18 - 11:48

I have same problem, page is reloading many times when u get in again.
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Postby Stradinius » Sun 15 Apr 18 - 20:31

The "Account in use" issue is a temporary error. Usually, it can be resolved by closing your client, waiting a few minutes, and trying again.

It's a server-side issue, so there's no real client-side "fix" outside of that.
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