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How to fix this bug? - ROTMG Tool

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How to fix this bug?

Postby SujaiReddy » Thu 16 Aug 18 - 7:23

Hey, I’m using the hacked client for the second time. I used the client about 2 years ago and everything was fine (except that no-clip caused you to disconnect if you were in an object for more than half a second) but I got bored and quit RotMG and just came back to it. So I got the newest hacked client released so far and I’ve encountered two major problems (and some small annoyances too, but that’s okay because auto-aim is worth a few tiny bugs). First, whenever I enter the vault, my character appears on a chest, the background turns blue instead of showing tiles, and my character cannot move and it will not let me open the vault chests. Of course, this is not that big of a problem because I can still go to and gets stuff from my vault. BUT HERE IS THE BIG PROBLEM: When I get teleported to Oryx’s lair, everything goes black and I cannot move, and it becomes really laggy. This never happens in any other area. Please help me by telling how to fix these….
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Postby TonzaEZakaYouAreSoNoob » Sun 19 Aug 18 - 13:10

Guys I cant fix this. I got version 28.0.2 and I cant get v28.0.4
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