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Phantom's Realm (LOOKING FOR DEV(S)) - ROTMG Tool

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Phantom's Realm (LOOKING FOR DEV(S))

Postby Ostracized » Sat 30 Jun 18 - 9:37


Read the post carefully please...

My name is Ostracized and this post is regarding a new as well as moderately quiet private server known as Phantom's Realm. You may not know me, I am the 'Head of Content Development' as well as Discord and Server management regarding Phantom's Realm.

I am NOT a developer for the server however I am part of the development team for the server. Which is relating to the main point of this post... We are LOOKING FOR DEVELOPERS.

While we are a small private server, we want ONLY the developers which have a great use of C# knowledge and/or any other coding language experience with some use of C#. We want developers that are MATURE, PROFESSIONAL AND TRUST-WORTHY as well as whom will listen to superiors (Including me) and support members.

I RECOMMEND that in order to apply you must be over 16 years of age however we will be accepting members who are younger by a few years who have great coding experience as well as showing maturity.

How can I apply?

At the bottom of this post you will see a discord link (It should be permanent, if not, please notify me for a new one). Once you join our discord, you will see a bunch of text channels. One category called 'Phantom's Realm' and another category called 'Member's area' (ALL members can chat in these text channels provided under the category). In the PR category, you will see a channel called #apply-for-staff-q and in the MA category you will see a channel called #apply-for-staff-a. Underneath the apply for staff q (q = questions), you will see some questions in order to apply for developer as well as a status which tells you if we're looking for staff. Underneath apply for staff a (a = answers), here you will send your form/response to questions. ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED HONESTLY.


Once you have finished your form, us staff will decide whether you are worthy enough to become a developer!

(We are currently using Hamachi and will soon get a VPS once we get more staff)
(The owner and co-owner as well as Head-Spriter are Swedish however talk in English)

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Postby Djmanj » Mon 17 Sep 18 - 0:45

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