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Private Server Rules

Do Not Advertise
Advertising in server will lead to a ban

No Duping, Glitching or Taking Advantage of Bugs
Anyone seen to be doing any of the above will be immediately banned!

No Begging or Repeatedly Asking for Items
No one likes to be harassed! Try using our forums to request items instead

Keep Swearing to a Minimum
No offensive usernames, guilds or messages are allowed
(as this site has no age restriction)

Donators Cannot Give out UT's, Bulk Pots or Overspawn
This is to keep the economy scaled. Overspawning also leads to lag

If You Lost Items/Died or Got Banned do Not Spam the Forum
If you do this, you may be temporarily banned from the forum too

Failure to comply could result in warnings, a temporary ban or a permanent account / IP ban

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