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ROTMG Tool Private Server - Play Online - No Downloads

Fed up of playing the real ROTMG? Is it taking too long to max? Are you never getting white bags or UT loot?

Come try our Free Realm of the Mad God private server now!

Click here to download the ROTMG Tool private server client

ROTMG Tool Private Server Features

The ROTMG Tool server has been online for over 2 years. It has a high drop rate of white bags and includes most production items, plus custom; commands, items, pets, monsters, dungeons and more!

You can find more information about our server below.

Private Server Commands

There are lots of special commands that you can type in the ROTMG Tool private server. Different commands are available depending on your rank.

Commands that every one can use include; /forge, /shop, /start and /sell - plus many more!

There are also extra commands available just for our donators and VIPs, such as; /give, /spawn, /god, /level, /addeff - and lots more!

Click here to view the full list of ROTMG Tool private server commands and to see what they do.

Private Server Items

The ROTMG Tool private server is up-to date with all of the production items and pets and we are constantly adding items after production updates.

There are also hundreds of custom items on our private server, items for every class and at many different tiers - some of the items were even made by our community!

Click here to view the full list of items from the ROTMG Tool private server

Private Server Dungeons

We already have most of the production dungeons in our server and we are currently working on adding the rest of them in!

We also have several custom dungeons in our server, like our Oryx Map and Hackers Dungeon - all are filled with custom monsters that drop unique custom items!

Download Private Server Client

Our private server web client is currently not working due to recent changes to Adobes online flash.

Please click here to download the ROTMG Tool private server client.

You will need to download Adobe flash player standalone or drag the download onto Chrome web browser to open it.

ROTMG Tool Private Server Help

Need help with something on the Private Server?

Please check out our Help Guide, by clicking the image below

ROTMG Tool Help Guide